Step One

Check Your Venue

We have two great spaces for weddings, the Chapel which seats 35-50 people and the Sanctuary which seats 300-350. We also have a beautiful reception hall that can accommodate around 250 depending upon seating arrangements.

Please contact Jennifer at to reserve space.

Off-site weddings are acceptable, provided they can maintain a worshipful atmosphere – skydiving is out of the question! 🙂

Step Two

Check the Calendar

Reach out via the Contact Page or email Jennifer Forehand to ensure that Father Greg is available on BOTH the date of the wedding and the rehearsal.  Also, if you’d like your ceremony to be held at Trinity, we will need to ensure the Sanctuary is free at that time.

Off-site weddings are acceptable, provided they maintain a worshipful atmosphere. – Skydiving is out of the question 🙂

Step Three

Check the Service

Father Greg only performs services out of the Book of Common Prayer, which is the form most ceremonies follow. There is plenty of room for adaptation, style variation, etc. Just ask! Please read through a sample service before deciding on Father Greg as your officiant.

Music, bulletins, and other details are your responsibility. We’re happy to make suggestions!

Step Four

Forms, Forms & More Forms

Declaration of Intention
This states your intention to be married to one another. It should be signed and either emailed to Jennifer (communications at or physically brought with you to your first session with Father Greg.

Information Form
This gives us the details we’ll need to order your course materials and keep your record updated.

Remarriage Application
If you have been divorced, there are special pastoral provisions required to guide you in your next steps. Please fill out this form and send it to Father Greg as soon as possible.

Remarriage is not a guaranteed outcome of premarital counseling and we must have the Bishop’s permission prior to the wedding. The form details the provisions that we must meet prior to the wedding. Do not plan anything (deposits, caterers, etc.) until you receive this form back. Plan on 45 days from submission to approval or denial.

Wedding Ceremony Guide

This contains all the fine print for your wedding. Please check these policies early and before making any final arrangements. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Step 5

Make Payment

Members: We appreciate all you’ve done for Trinity Church over the years. We happily waive all fees for active, baptized or confirmed, members of Trinity Church, their children or grandchildren. Below is a list of the costs, which impact the church budget. Please consider the fees below as a helpful guide in any donation you might make.

Non-Members: We are delighted to have you celebrate your wedding at Trinity Church. We understand there are many costs for a wedding celebration so we’ve kept our fee as minimal as possible to simply recoup the impact to the building and people. If cost is an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Note: If you are not local to Myrtle Beach, we may not have time in our calendar to accommodate your wedding.

#1 Facility Usage and Cleaning

$400  – This includes the sanctuary, Gravely Hall, and a dressing room for the Bride and Groom. This includes 2 hours before the service, 1 hour for the service, and 4 hours in Gravely Hall after the service. The entire church must be reset for Sunday services not later than 7PM Saturday.

#2 Personnel

$600 – This includes clergy and musicians for the ceremony and rehearsal.

Musicians – This includes a planning session and 30 minutes of music prior to the wedding, and the wedding ceremony itself with Trinity’s Director of Music.  Other musicians are welcome (with permission of our Director),  however there is an additional charge of $50/hr to rehearse with them.

Clergy – We want your wedding to be wonderful and your marriage to last forever, so we invest significant time and include:

  • Up to five pre-marriage coaching sessions
  • Preparation of the service
  • Performance of the service at the ceremony and rehearsal
  • All course materials (DVD, book, workbooks, and additional resources)

Step 6

Receive the Course Materials

Please order the Marriage Preparation Course Manual from Amazon ( Make sure to get one for each of you. Then ask Jennifer to send you a link to the videos.

Step 7

Set up 5, 1 hour long, meetings with Greg: It’s best to give yourself at least a week between sessions to allow for plenty of discussion and info processing. Additionally, we can do these meetings via Skype (or other online meeting tools)… although we prefer face to face meetings.

Step 8

Begin the Course.

Step 9

Read the Liturgy, Policy, and Recommendations at the end of this booklet and discuss with the clergy.

Step 10

Have fun!